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The Revelation of the Vision-2

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 The Revelation of the Vision-2

He realises the inter-relation existing between the two schemes and the vast dual purpose is revealed to him. It is shown to him how this dual purpose must become one united plan, and henceforth he bends all his energies towards planetary co-operation as it is furthered by work with and through the two great evolutions,human and deva, upon our planet. This concerns the makings of adjustment and the gradual application of energy in stimulation of the various kingdoms of nature, so that through the blending of all of nature's forces the interplay of energy between the two schemes may be quickened.In this way the plans of the solar Logoi, may be consummated. The handling, therefore, of solar energy on a tiny scale is now his privilege, and he is admitted not only into the council chambers when agents from other planetary schemes are in conference with the Lord of the World and the two great departmental heads.

At the fifth iniation the vision brings to him a still more extended outlook and a third planetary scheme is seen, forming with the other two schemes one of those triangles of force which are necessitated in the working out of solar evolution. Just as all manifestations proceeds through duality and triplicity back to eventual synthesis so these schemes, which are but centres of force in the body of a solar Logos, work first as separated units living their own integral life, then as dualities, through the interplay of force through any two schemes, thus aiding, stimulating, and complementing each other, and finally a solar triangle, circulating force from point to point and centre to centre until the energy is merged and synthesised and the three work together, in unity.

When the adepth of the fifth initiation can work in line with the plans of the three logi involved, co-operating with Them with ever greater ability, as time elapses, he becomes ready for the six initiation, which admits him to still higher conclaves. He becomes a participant in solar and not merely planetary purposes. At this sixth initiation the most marvelous vision of the entire series is his. He sees the solar system as a unit, and gets a brief revealing which opens to his amazed understanding the fundamental purpose of the solar Logos; for the first time he sees the plans as a whole in all their ramifications.

After the seventh initiation his vision penetrates beyond the solar ring-pass-not, and he sees that which he has long realised as a basic theoretical fact, that our solar Logos, is involved in the plans and purposes of a still greater Existance, and that the solar system is but one of many centres of force through which a cosmic Entity vastly greater than our own solar Logos is expressing Himself. 

In these visions one great purpose underlines them all,-the revelation of essential unity and the unveiling of those inner relationships, which, when known, will tend ever more fully to swing the initiate into the line of self-abnegating service, and which will make of him one who works towards synthesis, towards harmony, and towards a basic unity.

  • During the Initiation ceremony, the opening of the eyes of the Initiate to see and realise, divides itself into three parts, which are nevertheless parts of one process:-

The Past sweeps before him, and he sees himself playing many parts, all of which are realised to be but the gradual bringing of his forces and capacities to the point where he can be of service to and with his group. He sees and identifies himself-according to the particular initiation-with
Himself in many earlier lives
His group in earlier groups of lives
His egoic ray as it pours down through many cycles of time
His Planetary Logos as He functions in the past through many evolutions and kingdoms in the entire scheme,

and so on until he has identified himself with the past of the one life flowing through all planetary schemes and evolutions in the solar system. This produces in him the resolve to work off karma, and the knowledge ( from the seeing of past causes) of how it must be accomplished. The present is revealed to him what is the specific work to be done during the lesser cycle in which he is immediately involved. This means that he sees not only that which concerns him in any one life, but he knows what is to be in the immediate bit of the plan- involving maybe several of his tiny cycles called lives-which the Planetary Logos seeks to see consummated. He then maybe said to know his work past all gainsaying, and can apply himself to his task with a clear knowledge as to the why, the how, and the when.

The Future.Then, for his encouragement, there is granted to him a picture of a final consummation of a glory past all description, with a few outstanding points indicative of the major steps thereto. He sees for one brief second the glory as it shall be, and that path of radiant beauty which shineth ever more and more unto the perfect day. in the earlier stages he sees the glory of his perfect egoic group;later the radiance which pours forth from the ray which carries on its bosom the perfected sons of men of one particular colour and type;later again he gets a glimpse of the perfection of the great Being who is his own Planetary Logos, until finally the perfection of all beauty and the radiance which includes all other rays of light is revealed.-the sun shining in his strength, the solar Logos at the moment of consummated purpose.

Reference:Initiation Human & Solar: Alice A Bailey

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