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Planetary Existences-2

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Planetary Existences-2

Though Their function are many and varied, and concern primarily the forces and energies of nature, and the direction of the building agencies, they have a vital connection with the applicant for initiation, inasmuch as They each embody the force or energy of one or other of the three higher subplanes of the mental plane. Therefore at the tird initiation one of these Kumaras transmits to the causal body of the initiate that energy which destroys third sub-plane matter, and thus brings about part of the destruction of the vehicle; at the fourth initiation another Buddha transmits second plane force, and at the fifth, first sub-plane force is similarly passed into the remaining atoms of the acusal vehicle, producing the final liberation.

The work done by the second Kumara with second sub-plane force, is in this solar system the most important in connection with the egoic body, and produces its complete dissipation, whereas the final application causes the atoms themselves (which formed that body) to disperse. During the initiation ceremony, when the initiate stands before the Lord of the World, these three great Beings form a triangle, within whose lines of force the initiate find him-self. At the first two initiations, wherein the Bodhisattva functions as the Hierophant, the Mahachohan, the Manu, and a Chohan who temporarily represents the second department perform a similar office.At the highest two initiations, those three Kumaras who are called " the esoteric Kumaras" form a triangle wherein the initiate stands, when he faces the Planetary Logos. These facts are imparted to teach two things, first, the unity of the method, second, that the truism "as above so below" is an ocult fact in nature.

At the final two initiations many members of the Hierar