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As a sphere of radiat fire, linked with the initiate standing before it by that magnetic thread of fire which passes through all his bodies  and terminates within the centre of the physical brain. This "silver thread" (as it is rather inaccurately called in the Bible, where the description of its loosing of the physical body and subsequent withdrawal is found) emanates from the heart centre of the solar Angel, linking thus heart and brain,- that great duality manifesting in this solar system, love and intelligence.

This fiery spehere is linked likewise with many others belonging to the same group and ray, and thus it is aliteral fact in demonstration that on the higher planes we are all one. One life pulsates and circulates through all, via the fiery strands. This part of the revelation which comes to a man who stands in the "Presence" with his eyes occultly opened. As a many tinted Lotus of nine petals. These petals are arranged in three circles around a central set of three closely folded petals, which shield what is called in the eastern books

"The Jewel in the Lotus." This lotus is a thing of rare beauty,pulsating with life and radiant with all colours of the rainbow, and at the first three initiations the three circles are revealed in order, until at the fourth initiation the initiate stands before a still greater revelation, and learns the secret of that which lies within the central bud.

In this connection the third initiation differs somewhat from the other two, inasmuch as through the power of a still more exalted Hierophant than the Bodhisattva, the electrical fire of pure spirit, latent in the heart of the Lotus, is first contacted. In all the words, "solar angel," "sphere of fire," and "lotus" lies hid some aspect of the central mystery of human life, but it will only be apparent to those who have eyes to see. The mystic significance of these pictorial phrases will prove only a snare or a basis for incredulity to the man who seeks to materialise them unduly.   

The thought of an immortal existence, of a divine Entity, of a great centre of fiery energy, and of the full flower of evolution, lies hidden in these terms, and they must be thus considered. at the fourth initiation, the iniatiate is brought into the Presence of that aspect of Himself which is called "His Father in Heaven." He is brought face to face with his own Monad, that pure spiritual essence on the higher plane but one, which is to his Ego or higher self, what that ego is to the personality or lower self.

This Monad has expressed itself on the mental plane through the Ego in a triple fashion, but now all aspects of the mind, as we understand it, are lacking. The solar angel hierto contacted has withdrawn himself, and the form through  which he functioned  (the egoic or causal body has gone, and naught is left but love-wisdom and that dynamic will which is the prime characteristic of Spirit. The Lower self has served the purposes of the Ego, and has been discarded: the

Ego likewise has served the purposes of the Monad, and is no longer required, and the initiate stands free of both, fully liberated and able to contact the Monad, as earlier he learned to contact the Ego, For the remainder of his appearances is the three worlds he is governed only by will and purpose, self initiated, and creates his body of manifestation, and thus controls (within karmic limits) his own times and seasons. The Karma here referred to its planetary karma, and not personal.

At this fourth initiation he contacts the love aspect of the Monad, and at the fifth the will aspect, and thus completes his contacts, responds to all necessary vibrations, and is master on the five planes of human evolution, it is at the third, the fourth, and the fifth initiations that he becomes aware also of that "Presence" which enfolds even that spiritual Entity, his own Monad.

  • He sees his Monad as one with the Planetary Logos. Through the channel of his own Monad he sees the self same aspects (which that Monad embodies) on a wider scale, and the Planetary Logos, Who ensouls all Monads on His ray, is thus revealed. This truth is well-nigh impossible to express in words, and concerns the relation of the electrical point of fire, which is the Monad, to the five pointed star, which reveals the Presence of the Planetary Logos to the initiate. This is practically incomprehensible to the average man for whom these pages are written.
  • At the sixth initiation, the initiate , functioning consciously as the love-aspect of the Monad, is brought (via his " father") into a still vaster recognition, and becomes aware of the Star which encloses his planetary star, just as that star has earlier been seen as enclosing his own tiny "spark." He thus makes his conscious contact with the solar Logos, and realises within himself the Oneness of all life and manifestation.
  • This recognition is extended at the seventh initiation, face to face two aspects of the One life become realities to the emancipated Buddha. Thus by a grand series of steps is the initiate brought face to face with Truth and Existence. I will be apparent to thoughtful students why this revealing of the Presence has to precede all other revelations. It produces within the mind of the initiate te following basic realisations; His faith for ages is justified, and hope and belief merge themselves in self-ascertained fact. Faith is lost in sight, and things unseen are seen and known. No more ca he doubt, but he has become instead, through his own effort, a knower.
  • His oneness with his brothers is proven, and he realizes the indissoluble link which binds him to his fellow-men everywhere. Brotherhood is no longer a theory but a proven scientific fact, no more to be disputed than the separateness of me on the physical plane is to be disputed. The immortality of the soul and the reality of the unseen worlds is for him proven an ascertained. Whereas, before initiation, this belief was based on brief and fleeting vision and strong inner convictions (the result of logical reasoning and of a gradually developing intuition) now it is based on sight and on a recognition past all disproving, of his own immortal nature.
  • He realizes the meaning and source of energy, and can begin to wield power with scientific accuracy and direction. He knows now whence he draws it, and has had a glimpse of the resources of energy which are available. Before, he knew that energy existed, and used it blindly and sometimes unwisely; now he sees it under the direction of the "open mind," and can co-operate intelligently with the forces of nature.
  • Thus, in many ways, does revelation of the Presence produce definite results in the initiate, and thus is judged by the Hierarchy to be the necessary preamble to all later revelations.

Reference: Initiation Human and Solar: Alice A Bailey
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