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Holistic techniques include the ethos and practice that supports the balanced function of Body, Mind and Soul.

A good example of Health and wellness via Esoteric techniques, is  suggested in the original treatise, by the author Alice A. Bailey, first published in 1937, after her collaboration with a Tibetan practitioner in the techniques of meditation and Visualization.

Esoteric meditation and visual practice, are often quoted as being the catalyst that opens the veils of the third eye, to  the steps of higher  cosmic consciousness. 

From Intellect to Intuition

"The scientific method - apart from a narrowly agnostic and pragmatist point of view - is therefore by itself incomplete and insufficient: it demands in order to make contact with reality the complement of some metaphysic or other."

Joseph Marechal., S.J

 "We seem to be arriving at a time when, with the circling of our knowledge of the globe, a great synthesis of all human thought quite naturally and inevitably taking place....Out of this meeting of elements is already arising the dim outline of a philosophy which must surely dominate human thought for a long period."

Edward Carpenter

 "Eastern philosophy, one suspects, has had a small effect upon western thought chiefly because of its manner. But there is every reason to believe that as influence of western thinking  - particularly its experimental hard headedness - is felt in the East, a new philosophic manner will be adopted, and the profound spirituality of eastern thought will be expressed in ways more acceptable to the western mind."

Dr Overstreet

"Western consciousness is by no means consciousness in general, but rather a historically conditioned, and geographically limited, factor representative of only one part of humanity. The widening of our own consciousness ought not to proceed at the expense of other kinds of consciousness, but ought to take place through the development of those elements  of our psyche, Just as the East cannot  do without our technique, science and industry. The European invasion of the East was a deed of violence on a great scale, and it has left us the duty - noblesse oblige - of understanding the mind of the East. This is perhaps more necessary than we realize at present." 

Dr Hocking of Harvard

Not where the wheeling systems darken .And our benumbed conceiving soars, - The drift of pinions, would we harken,

Beats at our own clay-shuttered doors.

The angels keep their ancient places; Turn but a stone and start a wing!

'Tis ye, ' tis your estranged faces

That miss the many-splendoured thing. 

Dr. Yale Of Harvard


"... Education is undergoing important transformations. From a relatively external process of pouring facts, it is increasingly becoming a process of evoking the deeper, generative possibilities that lie within the individual."

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