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French voters rage at Macron over UK travel ban- savage leader for throwing Brexit tantrum

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French voters rage at Macron over UK travel ban- savage leader for throwing Brexit tantrum

The news comes as Mr Macron announced tough measures on Brits travelling to France in an attempt to curb the rise of COVID-19 Omicron cases arriving from Britain. With France being a popular winter sports destination for Britons, French industry figures are now calling on measures to be reversed to avoid "catastrophic" consequences to the French tourism and hospitality industry. France has since confirmed that the Omicron strain of the virus is now the dominant version of the virus in the country with 232,000 confirmed new cases reported and recorded on New Year's Eve across the country. 

Francois Badjily, head of the Alpe d'Huez tourist office, suggested France was playing politics with the pandemic.

He said: "We have the impression that our industry is being made to pay the price for the poor relations between both countries right now, whether it's about Brexit or fishing or whatever."

Mr Badjily said the current rules were incoherent because fully vaccinated tourists from other countries where the Omicron strain is already present are able to visit.

Vaccine passports are needed to enter French holiday hotspots such as ski resorts, as well as restaurants, bars and leisure facilities.

Alpe d'Huez draws a quarter of its visitors from the UK every year.

The tourism chief added: "Why should a Briton who meets these criteria not be allowed to come, but the French and Belgians can?"

Christophe Lavaut, director of the Val d'Isere ski resort, also called on officials in Paris to axe the "compelling reason to travel" directive that has stopped holidaymakers coming to France.

He added: "This restriction should simply be lifted as it is no longer necessary."

At least 42 per cent of Val d'Isere's customers are British, said Mr Lavaut, who urged his government to act "at the beginning of January."

Mr Macron's travel measures have created chaos and sowed confusion throughout the entire Christmas break. 

Reference: James Lee: Daily Express

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